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Kalindi Shah

Kommerina helped me purchase my first home in a tough market! I was unsure going into the process what to expect from a real estate agent, but Kommerina set the bar high by supporting me effectively every step of the way by doing the following: -Communicative -Proactive -Connecting me to experts -Negotiated well In the end, I was incredibly pleased and thankful for her help and support. The search process Kommerina helped vet different homes that I found. She would promptly provide comp data, so I could quickly rightsize my expectations on price/competitiveness of my potential offers. Additionally, as we began the search process, she helpfully connected me to trusted lenders with whom she was able to communicate efficiently to ensure I was looking at the right kinds of properties. The offer process In this market, I ended up submitting several offers, and in all cases we were in a multiple offer situation. This is where Kommerina shined in terms of working with other agents. She was very communicative with other agents ensuring that my offer was considered, and she was very helpful in setting expectations/providing guidance on if/when I would need to flex in certain areas. This is the kind of support that is needed during the home-buying process and the kind of support she provides. Escrow/closing process Kommerina proactively scheduled all the required inspections during escrow, so we were able to make a strong offer and move quickly. Additionally, she stayed on top of things communicating with the escrow officer, seller’s agent, and myself. She ensured the entire closing process went smoothly and continued to remain in contact shortly after close to ensure I had all the information and support I needed.
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