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Linda Lovemay

Kommerina was my third listing agent to sell my property. She sold my property to the very first viewer at the full price with a 10 day closing. She was very energetic, responsible, patient and positive and always on the top of everything. As an agent, she had not only one client and naturally her schedule could be pretty full at times. There was one time I really hoped she could stay present during a house inspection even though she had a plan. She listened to my concern and promptly rescheduled her other responsibility and was at the property during the inspection. I could always ask her questions or contact her for anything that I need to get hold of her immediately. She always responded quickly and because of that our communication was effective and efficient, which helped the sale process tremendously. Her appearance was always professional, formal and impressive, which added great value to the service she provided. I highly recommend Kommerina to all the seller as she will sell your property with her knowledge, dedication and professionalism.
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