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P. Roohani

I was introduced to Kommerina less than two months before my house sold when she appeared at my front door asking to show me how she could help me. She had found my property online by taking the initiative to research houses that didn’t sell during previous attempts and were removed from the market. It was her persistent and professional manner, and her diligence in coming to my door several times with information about her new property sales, that eventually convinced me she could have success with my own home. I signed her up to represent my house, and then sat back and watched the magic happen. On May 25th, 2019 Kommerina came to me with three proposals to sell the house: one to sell the house at what I was asking for during my first sale attempt the previous year; one to sell at 25K higher than my previous asking price; and a third to sell at 40K higher than my previous asking price. After reviewing each option together in detail, we decided to sell for the highest price. The following day Kommerina organized a professional photographer to take pictures of my home and immediately placed it on the market. She started showing the house the following day and, to my disbelief, had a seriously interested buyer returning for a second showing within 24 hours. She sold the house the next day! The buyer accepted our highest asking price and we immediately went into a 30-day escrow. The sale was formally closed and money deposited into my bank account on June 27th. The sale of my home was complete from listing to closing in one month’s time. To this day, I keep pinching myself in disbelief about how it all unfolded. I could not have asked for a more professional, knowledgeable, efficient or committed representative in this process than Kommerina. She turned a previously disheartening real estate experience into a too-good-to-be-true success story. I highly recommend her talents and expertise to anyone about to start the same journey.
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