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T. Frazee

I’d like to share my experience selling our house using Kommerina Adriana DeJong as our Realtor. In short, she was GREAT!! I met Kommerina one Spring day as I was sitting in my garage tinkering on a project. I had the garage door open and in she walks to hand me a flyer about a house she had listed on a neighboring street. As a business owner I know how valuable and effective aggressive sales people are in order to generate sales. I was impressed! Even though we were not ready just then to sell our home, I kept her contact info, so that a few months later when we were ready to list our house, my wife called and interviewed Kommerina. We listed our home with Kommerina and due to her aggressive, multi-layered marketing approach, and strong work ethic, our home sold within a reasonable time-period and at a great price, even in difficult market conditions. Kommerina is a very organized person and a great communicator. She kept us appraised of all interested buyers and their qualifications, and was very timely in processing offers, counters, and closing activities. I highly recommend Kommerina as your Realtor.
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